Permanent Beauty and Cosmetics

Enhancing beauty features such as eye liner, eyebrows, lip liner and lip shading.


Permanent Cosmetics Care and Precautions

Permanent cosmetics are the infusion of color beneath the skin called the dermal layer.

Yes, anything that last longer than 24 hours is considered “permanent” However it is more subjectable to fade with sun exposure and the shedding of skin cells.

You bet! Your friends will never know the difference.

Everybody has different sensitivity levels. I’ve had clients who have fallen asleep and also had clients who became sore quickly. I advise women not to come in when they’re menstruating.

There is no downtime. Most clients return to their normal activities without pause (although there are precautions you must follow)

NO. Applicators are used one time only and then disposed.

All of my pigments are FDA approved and made in the U.S.A. These pigments are specially made for permanent makeup. If your skin is super sensitive or you feel you might be allergic, I recommend doing a patch test first.

The procedure itself takes 1-3 hours depending on area. This includes the consultation, numbing agent to take affect and actual procedure.

After each procedure the color is dark but luckily as its healing it fades 40%-60% and leaves you with a true and natural looking color!

After you reach your desired color, I highly recommend that you come in at least once a year for a touch up. This is to maintain a fresh solid look.

If not taken care of properly, yes it can. I recommend you read the aftercare instructions.

What to expect

  • You should expect to feel sore for at least two to three hours after the procedure.
  • If you had your lips or eyes done, you could expect some puffiness.
  • Remember the color is going to be very dark for the first few days until it starts healing. “Don’t worry it will fade 40%”.
  • Expect to have some flaking.
  • Expect your skin to be white around the area where the numbing cream was applied. It will disappear when the numbing wears off.
  • If you experience itching, this just means it is in the process of healing and might be dry. Please do not scratch it! Applying A&D ointment will help relieve the itch.

What not to expect

  • You should not expect having only one application applied. Permanent makeup is a process. The foundation is applied and then we build up to the color desired!
  • A common misconception after having a lip procedure performed is that you will always have a wet, glossy look. This procedure is only for adding color to the lips.

Treatment & Precautions

  • You must keep the area moist at all times until completely healed. Use the A&D ointment provided. This will help keep peeling down to a minimum and maintain your color.
  • Use a clean, non dusty Q-tip to apply the A&D.
  • Do not use any harsh face cleansers or over the counter healing creams, ointments, sprays or gels. This may cause irritation and burning and could possibly lead to infection.
  • Remember that this is an open wound and should be treated as one.


  • Do not go swimming until completely healed. The bacteria in the water may cause infection.
  • Stay out of the sun and tanning booths, this will not only irritate the wound but fade your color tremendously.
  • If you had a lip procedure done, stay away from spicy foods and things with salt, like Margaritas! {“Burn”}.
  • Do not use Mascara or any other product on freshly done eyes due to the bacteria living in your brush. This also applies to lips. {no lipstick or liner until healed }.
  • Keep your hands away from the area. Don’t scratch, rub, pick, or touch. Your hands and fingernails carry many germs.
  • If you see the area starting to peel, do not help it along. Doing so will pull color out.
  • Stay away from heavy animal environments, hair and pet dander may cause infection.



Note: When the surface of your skin is healed you may continue your usual makeup routine. Please know that underneath the skin may not be completely healed and you will not be eligible for a touch up until three weeks. You may stop using A&D when there are no flakes and dryness left.

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